Dream World (2019) - HBO movie review and review.

In the 1930s, the Evans family, like all the people who live near it, face very difficult conditions – the weather is unfavorable, which makes it difficult to plant anything and make a living. Young Eugene dreams of something more, the more years ago his real father left for Mexico in search of a better life. One day, Allison will stand in Eugene’s way and be chased by an arrest warrant. The boy’s life will be changed forever.

Dream World (2019) – movie review (HBO). Not crazy, but it can be watched

dreams world It’s a movie that’s a bit difficult to categorize. On Filmweb, for example, it falls into the action category, but it also has a bit of westerns and gangster movies set in the distant past. For me, it was more related – although somewhat similar to – Bonnie and Clyde, but I wouldn’t rule out that Public Enemies are also an inspiration.

However, this is not a story about life on the frontiers of the law – or beyond – crime is actually on the sidelines, though it’s quite clear that sometimes it’s the only way to survive. Or maybe that’s what Allison tells herself, whose American dream never came true. He is similar to Eugen, who wished so much that his life could be different, and that something more happen within him. Every day is about the same, gradually depriving everyone of any hope for a better future. He, in turn, rushes into the world, feeling that the constant struggle for survival is all that can be expected from fate. dreams world So it’s a story about chasing young dreams, very bitter in pronunciation, especially since the ending is completely open and doesn’t give clear answers about what happened next.

The romantic theme is also important here, a thread of understanding is formed between Alison and Eugene, and the whole thing is well executed. The creators give the characters plenty of time to get to know each other, provided you aren’t sure who Alison really is. Someone whose actions are out of control? Victim of ill-considered decisions? A cunning killer who can manipulate others and say what they want to hear? The fact that we don’t quite know what to think about Allison is largely due to Margot Robbie who plays her, who captures the mystery of her heroine so well. Generally dreams world He has a decent representation. Finn Cole plays Eugene and appropriately shows the transformation of this character and the emotions and doubts that torment him. Another interesting and less obvious role than expected is played by Travis Fimmel, known from the Vikings.

Why, however, do I not think so dreams world Is it a very good movie or not bad at best? due to several reasons. First of all, this production was very poorly directed, and behind the camera Miles Juris Piravet did not manage to stir up more emotions in me. The narration is performed slowly, without evoking tension, without any key changes, no matter what is happening on the screen. Second, there are some threads that either disappear completely suddenly – like Eugene’s greatest friend – or aren’t broad enough, like his relationship with his adopted younger sister. So far, this is something you have to see, but at the same time I don’t regret having spent an hour and a half on the show.

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