February 4, 2023


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Drama from the filming location of "Indiana Jones".  Panic erupted.  Harrison Ford kept his cool

Drama from the filming location of “Indiana Jones”. Panic erupted. Harrison Ford kept his cool

Harrison Ford She is currently working on the set of the much awaited 5th part “Indiana Jones”. Recordings are currently ongoing at British studio Pinewood Studios and slowly coming to an end (it will end on Friday). The film’s premiere, which has been postponed several times, is currently scheduled for June 2023. The significant delays are the result of the coronavirus pandemic that has frustrated the plans of film producers around the world. The authors of the new part of the adventures of the famous archaeologist and adventurer, Indiana Jones, were not overtaken by problems.

According to British media, the 79-year-old actor was already filming the last scenes of his new movie, when one of the crew members next to him fainted and lost consciousness. The man fell a few meters from the star. It was later revealed that he had had a heart attack. ‘A terrible panic erupted’ I reported the violations to The Sun, who was present on the site.

However, Harrison Ford maintained his composure and asked for help. Thanks to his quick reaction, the man was saved. As the witness described in an interview with reporters, the employee in charge of first aid performed CPR while waiting for the air ambulance to arrive.

The film’s producers have not yet commented on these dramatic events. British media reports that this is not the first incident during the fifth installment of The Adventures of Indiana Jones. In November 2021, one of the team members, 54-year-old Nick Kobak (photographer), passed away while working in Morocco. He also had a heart attack.

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