January 27, 2023


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Dragon Dynasty - Henry Cavill Season Two?  Hot rumor about HBO

Dragon Dynasty – Henry Cavill Season Two? Hot rumor about HBO

There is a rumor that Henry Cavill will star in “The Dragon Family”. Zazie Beetz will star in the Steven Soderbergh series. Trailer for Boris Johnson series. Plus the Queen’s Gambit and more.

1. House of Dragons – Henry Cavill in Season 2?

Lineage of the Dragon already has an order for a second season, and it’s very likely that it will tell a new story in Targaryen history. This means a new crew. Daniel Richtman, a journalist best known for spreading behind-the-scenes rumors that often come true, says Elizabeth Olsen (“WandaVision”) and Henry Cavill (“The Witcher”) could appear on the HBO series. Presumably, both consider them the creators, but it is not known what the roles were. At this point, however, this information should be considered common. [Winter Is Coming]

2. Zazzie Beetz in Steven Soderbergh

Zazie Beetz (“Atlanta”) joined the cast of “Full Circle”, the HBO limited series Max directed by Steven Soderbergh (The Knick) and writer Ed Solomon (films from the “Illusion” series). In the series, we’ll see how an investigation into a botched kidnapping uncovers ancient secrets that connect many personalities and cultures in modern-day New York. Beetz will appear as an agent for the United States Postal Inspection Service. [Deadline]

3. Judy Turner Smith in the TV series The Acolyte

Judy Turner Smith (“Anna Boleyn”) negotiated a role in “The Helper” from the “Star Wars” universe. Leslie Headland (“The Russian Doll”) is a thriller that aims to transport us into a galaxy full of dark secrets and the dark side of the Force. The event will take place during the High Republic period, about 200 years before the events of the Star Saga. Amandla Stenberg plays the main role, and the details of all the characters are preserved. [Deadline]

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4. This is England – Trailer for a British series

Sky Atlantic TV showed the trailer for the limited series “This England” (formerly “This Sceptred Isle”). It shows the British government’s first reaction to the coronavirus pandemic. Kenneth Branagh will play British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Ophelia Lovepond as Carrie Symonds (later Johnson) and Andrew Buchan as Matt Hancock. The premiere will take place in Great Britain in September. [Radio Times]

5. Laverne Cox in the comedy Clean Slate

Laverne Cox (Orange Is the New Black) and comedian George Wallace will star together in “Clean Slate,” a new comedy produced by legendary Norman Lear and commissioned by Amazon Freevee (formerly IMDb TV). Wallace will play an old-school car wash owner who has to face new challenges when his child returns to Alabama after 17 years – not his son, but a proud transgender woman (Cox). Cox and Wallace co-created the series with showrunner and writer Dan Ewen (“Playing With Fire”). Norman Lear, who turned 100 in July, will be the producer. [TVLine]

6. The Queen’s Gambit – Netflix is ​​settled

Netflix has settled with Georgian chess champion Nona Gaprindashvili, who has argued that the Queen’s gambit falsified her story. [Variety]

7. Vince Staples is the star of Netflix

Kenya Barris (Black-ish) is creating a comedy series for Netflix, the plot of which will be based largely on the life of rapper Vince Staples. Staples will be on the production team. [TVLine]

8. The Winchesters – See Series Poster

CW TV released a poster for “The Winchesters”, which is part of “Supernatural”. The series will feature the epic, untold love story of the parents of Sam and Dean, John (Drake Rodger, “The In Between”) and Mary (Meg Donnelly, “American Housewife”) Winchesters. We will see how they met for the first time and how they put everything on the line to save not only their love, but the whole world. The series will be narrated by Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles). It premieres in the United States on October 11th. [ET Online]

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