Dragon Age: The Veilguard gameplay confirms it’s a darker RPG than the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 trailer showed

June 10, 2024, 2:45 p.m

The trailer for Dragon Age: Veilguard probably didn’t reflect the actual mood of the game. Tomorrow we will see gameplay that will show that it is still a dark production.

Image source: BioWare / Electronic Arts.


Dragon Age: Guardian of the Veil It’s supposed to be a darker production than one might think Trailer from Xbox Game Show 2024. This is what the information that appeared after the video was shown yesterday indicates.

The accuracy of these reports can be verified An imminent presentation of the gameplay in the new part of the series Dragon Age. We’ll see how to play actually Tomorrow at 5:00 pm Poland time.

Dragon Age: Marvel

The first full trailer for the new film Dragon Age It stirred up a lot of emotions, but not everyone was happy with the way this production was presented. This series is not, as we call it, a cheerful and colorful RPG.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s announcement did not indicate a dark atmosphere, but rather a light, not serious, adventure. The fact is that even in older versions And There was no shortage of humor (which some fans point out). However, the style and tone of the trailer made a lot of people think of Marvel movie trailers or an MMO game trailer – and those aren’t compliments at all.

Worse still, even industry journalists had similar associations, including Jez Corden Windows Central website.

Not a fun RPG

After the presentation, some fans called for them to refrain from criticizing until actual gameplay is shown, not just a trailer prepared for a wider audience. If some reports are to be believed, this appeal may be justified.

Shinobi602 had the opportunity to watch gameplay from it Dragon Age: Veil He claims that the game is actually “still dark and brutal”, and that it represents a huge leap in quality for the series.

Shinobi602 apparently shared netizens’ opinion about the trailer yesterday, writing that the cold reception to the video was probably due to the “overly cheerful” mood of the trailer. However, according to insiders, this doesn’t match what the actual game offers. The previously mentioned Jez Corden also claims this Guardian of the Veil It is a darker production (trans Service X).

A trailer for Fortnite fans?

So the question arises, why was the grim game presented in this way? Corden speculates whether Electronic Arts thought it was a trailer for a new movie Dragon Age Must “attract” fans fortnite And other “colored” products.

Even if this isn’t exactly a serious proposal, the desire to attract a large audience may actually explain the look and mood of the trailer. This wouldn’t be the first time the publisher has chosen this style of game presentation for a title that doesn’t fit its casual style. We can only hope that players’ concerns will be dispelled by the upcoming gameplay demo.

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