Download 2 games for free on Steam, that was Rob Hale's last will
August 22 2022, 13:08

author: Jacob “Rosbow” Tarchała

In keeping with Rob Hill’s last wish, his two games have been released free for all on Steam.

The death of an artist who died at only the age of forty is a difficult topic for both his relatives and fans of his work. Rob Hill – Independent game developer, producer and publisher who has been in the market for over 10 years – He died of cancer in early August. This information aroused the sympathy of the fans, and at the same time was a precursor to one of the most difficult advertisements in the games.

An author who shares his life’s achievements

True to Hill’s Last Wishes, Games waves And the Waves 2: Notorious Made available free to all on steam. A connection on this issue has been posted by CJ Developer partner:

Rob died two weeks ago of complications from cancer after a long and arduous hospital stay. […] You may have noticed both waveswhat or what Waves 2: Notorious Free on all platforms. This was something Rob had been thinking about for the past couple of months as his health began to suffer severe damage. I hope this is a farewell gift for anyone who hasn’t played any of these games yet.

– Inform the developer partner

The community expressed its condolences and promised to expand the scope of this work. There were voices of sympathy under the information:

Download 2 Games for Free on Steam This Was Rob Hale's Last Will - Illustration #1

This is sad. I haven’t played in Waves 2: NotoriousBut one was a great game, and definitely one of the best in the genre. Thank you for this message and I wish you and your family all the best.

– One user wrote

Rob Hale has used his experience in editing and creating AAA games to dedicate himself entirely to his passion – development. The creator was cute enough in 2012 Take part in an interview with PC GamerAnd the Advise anyone who wants to start making games. The interview showed the creator’s passion for what he did, joking that making games was “the reason I get up in the afternoon.” Hill’s accomplishments and the poignant tribute left by his partner remain a testament to this passion.

Games that are the result of passion

Hill’s first match wavesreleased in 2011. It’s a simple game Dual stick shooter, with futuristic photos. in production We move the ball in an enclosed arena, eliminating threats from all sides, thus striving for the best possible result. The title has more than 94% positive reviews on Steam.

continuation of the hill game, Waves 2: NotoriousEarly access never left Due to the premature death of the author. The two extend the concept formed in Part One – The graphics are more polished, the title has new elements, and the game mechanics have been improved. The first version has more than 89% positive feedback on Steam.

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