Double entertainment for double occupation

Dual career Now rhymes with dual animation. The pair, made up of singer Alicia Moffett and businessman Frédéric Robichaud, found OD in the westNuovo’s popular reality show Cupid will take the helm next fall.

Control of this game of 1-2-3 tops passes from the manicured hands of millennial, Jay Du Temple, to two members of Generation Z who take on the roles of Lady Mayhem and Captain Twist.

“Alicia and Fred aren’t trying to emulate the former animatorsDual career. At the same time, they had a slightly humorous tone to them. They are normal in camera. Alicia isn’t in control of the film, she’s relaxed, which makes her endearing. Fred knows more OD than us. He is very funny. We destabilized him in the audition and he immediately knew what to answer,” explains the producer.Dual careerJulie Snyder, I joined Paris on Monday evening.

From Fall 2021, 24-year-old Alicia Moffett, who sang the megahit the sky Along with rapper FouKi and Frédérick Robichaud, 25, he narrated the show good evening ! Last summer, it amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok. Their audition OD At the end of January, a closed round took place. The production then plunges Alicia and Fred into tough situations with mock contestants to test their simplicity and spontaneity. They impressed the productions J team and the bosses of Bell Media.

When Jai du Koil’s retirement was announced, several candidates put up their hands as pilots OD, but only Alicia Moffett and Frédéric Robichaud did screen tests, Julie Snyder pointed out. After a three-hour audition, Julie Snyder invited them to a celebratory dinner at her home, forcing them to sneak through the garage so no one would meet them outside the building. One of Rakan’s immediate neighbors hosts a very popular show on 98.5 FM.

“A woman thinking of cheating on her husband wouldn’t have taken such precautions,” quips Julie Snyder over the phone. To avoid media leaks, the production was always called Alicia and Fred by their codenames: the frogs.

The next chapter ofDual careerWhose goal is not disclosed, will be away from the subscribers and influencers in search of visibility in social networks (farewell, so Megan and their saddle on 6000 bullets).

We want to go back to the sourcesOD And discover the essence of the show, which is finding love. Our cake was good, but we are taking out the cream. We conduct a recruitment tour across Quebec, face-to-face, the process does not take place online only. We want to better serve cultural diversity, physical diversity and regional diversity.

Julie Snyder, producer

Alicia Moffet and Frédérick Robichaud, two finished fansODProductions J. Never expected this call from the left. good evening !But I never thought of doing animation Dual career. But I lived through situations and elimination suppersOD, I understand how the candidates feel. How better to represent love than a couple loving each other? » asks Frédéric Robichaud, who was voted the public’s favorite during the edition.OD in the west In the fall of 2021.

Fred popularized the phrase “coach garage,” chicken in the toaster, airplanes in the pita, and was part of the popular cohort “You’re a Sun, Man.”

Revealed in the voice In 2015 TVA’s Alicia Moffett completed her mini album tour. interlaced Before flying OD.

Charles William Pelletier, Special Contributor

Feb. 2 Alicia Moffett at Mtelus in Montreal

Fred and I are two people who don’t take themselves too seriously, we are often clowns and can work when we have time.

Alicia Moffett, co-host

In an interview, Julie Snyder, after the much-loved host who put all her colors on Nuovo reality TV, covers the two new recruits who accept an open mandate with flowers.

“Fred is a worker. She co-founded her jewelry business and has completed her bachelor’s degree in marketing. Alicia blew me away. Audiences and critics love it. He is as amazing on stage as he is in his everyday life,” notes Julie Snyder.

In Paris for a few days, Julie Snyder takes the opportunity to shoot Topos Week of 4 Jules. He interviews the great French actress Filipina Leroy-Beaulieu, who plays the chic and fierce Sylvie in the comedy. Emily in Paris From Netflix.

The show is called Emily in Paris But in Paris Sylvie must have carried the title, and her interpreter shines there. Although The New York Times He praised her.

A meeting between Julie and Sylvie, Sorry, a meeting between Julie and Filipina will appear in the March 8 episode, celebrating these women who, like Sylvie, go for it and have fun.

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