Donald Tusk summons ministers after Onet publication.  urgent meeting

Prime Minister Donald Tusk Thursday morning She responded to Onet’s post about the arrest of three soldiers who used weapons against a group of migrants armed with dangerous tools. He published a blog post indicating the possibility of resignations in the Ministry of National Defense or in the army.

Donald Tusk said: “I received a report from the Minister of National Defence. The behavior of the Attorney General’s Office and the military police towards our soldiers causes justified concern and anger among people. I expect quick conclusions and decisions on organisational, legal and personal matters.” X platform (Twitter).

Now TVN reports that the Prime Minister has summoned the Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Ministry of National Defence, Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamyš, and the Minister of Justice, Adam Bodnar. The meeting is scheduled to be held on Friday.

Polish soldiers tied up on the border with Belarus

The military police arrested three soldiers who fired warning shots at the advancing refugees. Onyeh revealed that the Public Prosecutor’s Office accused the two of exceeding their powers and endangering the lives of other people. After these events, the army was in turmoil. The officers talk about insulting the military uniform and insulting the soldier’s dignity. This topic is also widely discussed by politicians and most important people in the country.

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