February 3, 2023


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Donald Tusk met with Angela Merkel about the crisis at the border

Donald Tusk met with Angela Merkel about the crisis at the border

As Interia discovered, Donald Tusk met Angela Merkel in Berlin late Monday night at a business meeting. The leader of the Civil Forum was to outline the situation occurring on the Polish-Belarusian border. He argued that the actions of the regime of Alexander Lukashenka threatened not only Poland, but also Lithuania and the entire European Union. The confirmation of these words is reflected in the letter that Tusk addressed to European leaders.

I will not deny that such a meeting took place on Monday late this evening. And Labor Party spokesman Jan Grabek admits, in an interview with Entrea, that it concerns the situation on the Polish-Belarus border.

Immediately after the meeting, Tusk went to Brussels, where, as Entrea’s interlocutors say, he is leading a diplomatic offensive. His agenda includes numerous meetings with European leaders as well as leaders of European Union institutions.

The Civic Tribune environment hopes that Tusk’s work will complement those independently undertaken by the world’s most important politicians. In this regard, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, met with US President Joe Biden.

According to our information, Tusk, with a break to meet with the Palestinian National Authority in Gdansk, held several meetings from Tuesday to Wednesday. He also plans to stay in Brussels on November 11th as well.

Politicians accompanying the former prime minister argue that Tusk’s diplomatic activity is linked to the conservative approach of the Polish authorities. They stress that the passivity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the talks between President Andrzej Duda and the leaders of Eastern European countries are not enough to avert the crisis on our eastern borders.

On Wednesday evening, Tusk published an open letter to European leaders. In it he writes, among other things, “Whatever your views on the issue of migration, I must stress – we, as a political community, must use all available means of pressure to stop the escalation of tensions on the eastern border of the European Union.”

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