Dominika and Micha³ Chorosiñscy at the movie premiere.  She needs a barber, he transplanted his hair in Majdan

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Dominica I Michel Chorusinski They have been married for 19 years. Although their passion had to pass a difficult test, they came out victorious. Since then, they take care of their privacy and keep their family life out of the spotlight. On Monday evening, the couple appeared at the premiere Movie “Poor and Mrs.” Michał Chorosiński surprised everyone with his hairstyle.

Dominika Chorosińska sharply over the protests after the ruling of the Constitutional Court. ‘Aggressive screaming woman’

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Joanna Koronivska and Maciej Dubor participated in the protest against the ruling of the Constitutional Court

Dominika and Michał Chorosiński together on the red carpet

Dominika and Michał Chorosiński appeared at the premiere Movie In humble style. She chose shoes and leather pants, higher And the jacket – all in shades of dark blue and black. He was wearing pants and a dark shirt. However, the actor’s hairstyle caught attention. Michel now wears tightly twisted, shoulder length locks.

Michał Chorosiński and Dominika FigurskaAll of Poland talked about how Dominika Wygorska cheated on her husband. Now her hypocrisy has reached the ceiling

Dominika and Michał Chorosiński, Relationship History

The actors married in 2002. Together they raise six children: Anastasia, Matilda, Joseph, Piotr, Jean Bowie and their youngest daughter, who was born last year. Her name has not been revealed yet. Although both declare that family is their greatest value, their marriage went through a serious crisis a few years ago. Dominica had an affair with a director ten years older than him. Its fruit is the third star kid, son of Józek. In the end, the actress got back to the husband she was introduced to Baby thee. A few months later, Mikhai confessed to treason. However, this time the couple also decided to forgive each other.

We glued the marriage together, although it was impossible from a human point of view. At first, my longing for the sacraments began to explode in me. One day, at the book fair, I came across the diary of Sister Faustina by chance. Looking at it, I found the sentence that the greatest sinners can come to me. I felt a stream of divine love overwhelm me. Today, I think, it was Sister Faustina who, among others, saved my marriage – she revealed Chorosiska in one of the interviews.

Faith plays a very important role in Dominica and Mishaw’s life. In 2016, they became ambassadors for World Youth Day. In 2019, Dominika Chorosińska decided to give up working in favor of politics and run for Parliament on behalf of the PiS. Since then, she has dedicated herself to serving as a Member of Parliament.

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