Dolphin, the daughter of Vero and Louise, will soon be delivering her first paragraph to Ponzoir Ponzoir.

Many new employees have joined the team good evening This year. This is the case of Dolphin Morissette, daughter of Vero and Louise.

The young woman will create her first paragraph on the show after next Tuesday.

Details of what he will offer have not been released, however His presence at last year’s show was very refreshing We are sure she can impress the audience.

He will be on the set of Jean-Philippe Woodier, while a colleague and friend of Pierre Hebert, his mother Pittit Bellevue, Jules Lord and Charlotte Opin.

Note that this week I was able to meet Fred d ‘, the show’s new collaborator.OD in the west. As the host said in the air, this is a specific request on his part. She fell in love with the young man when she took part in a reality show called Nuvo last fall.

For his first appearance on the show, Fred talked about what we do not know about Jay du Temple, who was the main guest of the evening. His journals this season will not have a precise orientation and we say he will be inspired by the guest who loads his section.

Although he seemed nervous, Fred did a good job good evening This Wednesday. His simplicity and his agility promise great things for the future.

Remember it, in Post OD This week, Fred described his beginnings with his wife, singer Alicia Moffett.

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