Does Russian oil smell like Ukrainian blood?

On Saturday, Bloomberg reported that the Shell oil company had bought Russian oil at a record low price and decided to continue cooperating with Russia in this regard. According to the information, Shell paid about $ 28.45 per barrel of oil. Less than the dated Brent index, an indicator of oil trading around the world. He will not have to worry about organizing transportation since the raw materials were purchased with delivery.

In response, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called “I call on all knowledgeable people around the world to demand that international companies sever all trade relations with Russia.”


“Does Russian oil smell like the blood of Ukrainians?” – The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry wrote on Twitter.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has used similar words in his appeal to Western countries Ban on Russian hydrocarbons. – said the head of the Polish government – these tubes now carry the blood of innocents.

In Poland, Shell has about 400 gas stations and shops.

another way

In turn, BP, Shell’s largest competitor, decided not only to end cooperation with Russia, but also abandoned 20%. Shares in the Russian company Rosnaft.

– BP has been in Russia for 30 years, working with great colleagues from Russia. However, this one Military attack changes everything. This has led our company to conclude that our involvement in Rosneft, the state-owned company, simply cannot continue, said BP CEO Helge Lund.

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