Does it end with Netflix?  Eddie Murphy made a deal with Amazon Studios
Eddie Murphy signed a deal with Amazon Studios. The well-known actor from films such as “Prince of New York” or “Beverly Hills Cobb” will appear in three other productions of Prime Video.

Perhaps this decision is the result of good viewing of “The Prince in New York 2”, which debuted on Prime Video in March of this year. Initially responsible for the sequel to the popular comedy Paramount, he planned for a theatrical release, but the coronavirus pandemic prompted the studio to change its mind.

Jennifer Salk, president of Amazon Studios, is satisfied. Eddie is a legend as an actor and director. With undeniable talent, both comedic and dramatic, he constantly creates original stories and characters that entertain audiences all over the world. We couldn’t be more excited to share this tradition. We officially welcome Eddie to the Amazon family – We read the statement.

Murphy’s decision to partner with Amazon Studios on a permanent basis may seem surprising given his collaboration with Netflix. For the broadcast giant, the actor made his autobiography “My Name is Dolmite”, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination. Comedy Kenya Barris, co-starring Murphy with Jonah Hill, and the much-anticipated fourth installment of “Beverly Hills Cobb” is also being produced for Netflix.

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