Do you work in this profession?  Companies will be laid off

To date, work in IT is described as Eldorado, with the highest salaries and shortage of specialists, so you can pick and choose from the offers. Now companies are laying off workers.

picture. stock struggle

There are signs of a crisis in the market. Companies are cutting costs, there are fewer projects than before, and customers are working on new solutions.

“Puls Biznesu” reported that in the fourth quarter of last year, employment in the Comarch group decreased by 245 people. The group does not want to lay off any more people, but it also has no intention of looking for anyone new. Huuuge Games is also planning layoffs, which are expected to cover about 45 people, and STX Next has laid off 70 people.

Some companies, especially small ones, are increasingly accumulating employees in the IT sector. Some have not been paid for several months. According to, companies have started laying off employees to cut costs, and other employees are firing themselves because they haven’t been paid for several months.

One business after another fails, and tax changes in Polish Lada, which de facto raised taxes on entrepreneurs, do not improve the situation. In the case of taxes or Social Security debt, these institutions have priority in collecting them.

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