March 29, 2023


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Do you have a diesel or a hybrid? You will take a different path

Navigating on Google Maps may soon help you save fuel depending on the type of engine installed in your car. The feature is not yet available, but according to the analysis of the latest version APK file, Google is planning to implement “drive-match” methods.

Write about the details 9to5Googleindicating the unique strings contained in the code Google Maps 11.39 beta. Although the job Not yet available to usersprepared messages like new! Get fuel-efficient tracks tailored to your engine type (“New! Layout economic paths suitable for the type of engine in the vehicle”) clearly indicates the direction of application development.

The parsed APK code for Google Maps shows that the program will be enabled Decide if you drive a petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric vehicleOn this basis, navigation can select the most economical route – it differs for each type of drive due to its specificity. The details are unknown, but it can be assumed that it will be taken into account, for example, the slope of the terrain, speed limits or the number of intersections at which you will have to stop.

At the moment, it is difficult to say when the new option will migrate to the stable version of Google Maps. while Not part of the public beta testYou may have patience. In the end, there is also a concern that the feature will appear first Only for selected markets. Similarly, Google Maps in some countries The current speed limit has been reported for a long timeand in other countries (including Poland), unfortunately this option is still missing.

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Oskar Ziomek, editor in charge of

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