Think about your favourite film. Perhaps it’s a Disney classic or maybe you like to have a scream with horror-based hits? Or, are you a fan of musical adaptations or rom-coms? Whatever you choose to watch on the box, why not take your love for film one step further this weekend and allow the characters and storyline to inspire a few DIY projects at home. Wondering what we mean? Join us as we explain a little more.

Clay figurines

This idea can be enjoyed no matter what your favourite film is, and it’s a great way of getting friends and children together even if they can’t agree on a title. All you need for your clay figurines is some moulding clay and acrylic paint, or even some playdoh if that’s all you have lying around. Start by searching for pictures of your favourite characters online. Once you’ve chosen, print it off and start creating the figure out of your clay. Your figurines don’t even need to be that big. Instead, why not create mini ones and keep them as pocket-sized movie-watching friends.

Lyric lanterns

Whether it’s songs performed by characters in the film, the movie theme tune or just music from the soundtrack, some of our best-loved songs became popular because they featured in films first. And, what better way to showcase the lyrics than on a homemade paper lantern? Simply save an empty milk carton, get some paper and pencils, and print off your favourite lyrics. Use the paper to draw the lyrics on, and don’t forget to decorate, before attaching it to the milk carton (which has been cut into shape). Once done, a battery-operated candle will give you a new item to place proudly in your home.

A painted mural

Murals are a great way to personalise any room in the house and can be as small or big as you like. What’s more, they can depict a famous scene or you can get creative and come up with your own story – maybe even bringing in characters from other films. Of course, before starting a big job like this, you need to ensure that you’ve got the right tools. This includes a range of brushes and paints and the right preparation. Not only do you need to cover up anything you don’t want to paint, including yourself, but painter’s caulk  will ensure the wall is smooth, crack-free and ready to be painted. This can make or break your finished mural.

Finger puppets

Another great way to bring your favourite films to life is with finger puppets. You could get creative with some felt, thread and needles but, if you have Star Wars fans in your household, they’re bound to love this idea for lightsaber finger puppets: just print off finger-sized lightsabers, colour them in using a range of pencils and then cut them out. It’s important to leave two little strips of paper on each side of the lightsaber so you can wrap them around your finger. Then, it’s time to secure them around your finger using sellotape and then get ready for battle!

These are just a few ideas when it comes to DIY projects around the home, inspired by your favourite films. If you’re looking for more ideas, you could paint your favourite character’s face onto cards and write letters to your family. Or, you could try to cross-stitch a quote or character onto a cushion for the ultimate cosy accessory. Either way, with a little creativity and outside-of-the-box thinking, there are a lot of ways that our favourite films can inspire us, inside and outside of the home.

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