May 30, 2023


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District 31 and Complainants

District 31 and Complainants

So you get bored District 31 After Thursday? Me too.

I’m going to miss Daniel Siason’s rude character, Jean Pryor’s brilliance, Florence Kindon’s determination, Ryan Robin’s perverted smile, Da-Sia Bernard’s review.

But one thing I’m not going to miss: it’s whining District 31Those who are angry that this or that minority is not represented at their will.

Healy, this is a fiction, not a documentary!

Goodbye police

In a completely cheat letter published on Duty Last week, a retired lawyer wrote, “In the stories told by author Luke Dion, women are often maniacal, insane or lying.”

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. There are no people on earth who are so balanced or want the truth.

Every time the culprits are guilty, are these characters right, is it necessary to be a role model?

Attorney Dion criticizes Dion for “treating certain circumstances with luxury.” From Nadine Legrand to Sonia Blanchard, the series is full of strong women with foreheads around their heads!

Lieutenant Melanie Charon (played by Eve Laundry) is not exactly crazy!

I heard and laughed so much Everyone is talking about it On Sunday, Luc Dionne called the letter “a small claim to those who do not have microphones.” Haha, I found it great!

We already knew about this event, 2018, called “Small Claims of Those Who Don’t Have Microphones” District 31 Described an honor killing.

Permanent outraged accused Dion of exposing prejudices about Muslims. அட விடுப்பா! Should we avoid such crimes when we learn that the Shafia sisters died of honor killings in Canada?

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In response to criticism at the time, Luke Dion wrote here: “Criminals and dishonest people have no race or color. They are white, black, Asian, Russian, Lebanese, Italian, Canadian, Cuban … they are Catholics, Christians, Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists … they are also Catholic priests (yes … they are too)!

I wrote about the Italian Mafia without believing that all Italians are Mafias. I wrote about street gangs without thinking that black people are all criminals. I wrote about Latinos without thinking that South Americans are all bandits. ⁇

There you go! Well said!

In fact, it would have been necessary before each chapter District 31, Leave a warning: “Be careful, you are going to see a series of fictions with newly discovered characters who are not representatives of their community. The series, which takes place at a police station, will see people committing crimes. We want to warn you about this. “

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A heart on the back of the uniform

Something that impresses the mind when thinking District 31, The impact of the Bruno Cogne character. I remember for a long time Michael Charrett crying with tears or despair.

Thank you, Luck Dion, for pointing out that “not all police officers are bastards” and have a beating heart under their uniforms.