January 27, 2023


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Distance learning and hybrid learning on November 15. Corona virus is spreading in schools

The number of coronavirus infections is steadily increasing. More and more institutions are turning to distance learning. On Monday, 52 elementary schools and 35 post-primary schools operated remotely, and there were 1,778 elementary schools and 804 high schools operating on a co-educational basis. That’s a total of 15 more than last week.

Corona virus in Poland It is also spread in kindergartens and schools. The MEiN report shows that the number of branches you moved to
distance learning and hybrid sciences. According to the data of the Ministry of Education, 15,045 pre-school educational institutions (kindergartens, pre-school education teams, kindergarten points) were operating on Monday, at a rate of 97.5 percent. everyone. 29 remote kindergartens and 361 mixed mode kindergartens.

Coronavirus November 15 in schools. Distance and blended learning

12,558 primary schools were working on stationery on Monday, or 87.3 percent. All and 6973 minor, or 89.3 percent. 52 primary schools and 35 secondary schools operated remotely. In contrast, 1,778 primary schools and 804 secondary schools operated in a mixed system. This is a total of 2,669 distance and co-educational institutions compared to 2,654 primary and secondary schools that switched to distance learning and blended learning a week ago.

Let us recall that on November 8, 15,116 preschool educational institutions worked in fixed premises, that is, 97.9% of the total. everyone. 19 remote kindergartens and 300 co-educational kindergartens. On the same day, 12,599 primary schools were operating stably, or 87.6 percent. total and 6947 minor, or 88.9 percent.
On November 8, 50 primary schools and 57 secondary schools worked remotely. 1,739 elementary schools and 808 high schools operated in a mixed system.

On Tuesday, November 2, there were 15,284 preschools operating in the office, accounting for 99 percent. everyone. 10 remote kindergartens and 141 mixed mode kindergartens. On November 2, 13,427 primary schools also functioned flatly, or 93.3 percent. total and 7343 minor, or 94 percent. 31 primary schools and 32 secondary schools worked remotely. 930 primary schools and 437 secondary schools operated in a mixed system.

In the event that students, students, or employees of an educational institution contract COVID-19 infection, the Buffat State Health Inspector will conduct an epidemiological investigation. Its purpose is to identify the group of people exposed. The principal of a school or kindergarten may, with the approval of the leading authority and after obtaining a positive opinion from the relevant state health inspector, suspend classes for a specified period and switch to teaching using distance education methods and techniques.