Disagreement over the Migration Agreement: Countries demanding “non-standard solutions”

The newspaper notes that “the letter signed by more than half of the European Union leaders reached the European Union’s executive authority a few days after the Union was able to conclude an agreement on migration after eight years of negotiations.”

As the newspaper explains, in addition to Denmark, Romania and Poland, the letter was also signed by Italy, Austria, Finland, Greece, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Cyprus and Malta. However, France and Germany, which participated in preparing the letter, ultimately did not support it.

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Migration Charter. European Union countries call for “non-standard solutions”

Rz points out that it is not yet known where asylum seekers from the European Union will go. He adds: “The list of ‘designated countries’ has not yet been drawn up by the European Commission. This is stipulated in the Migration Charter.”

In a letter to the European Commission, the leaders of 15 countries wrote that “non-standard solutions” were necessary. “One of them is to conclude agreements with countries on the migration route to the European Union.

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