Director Jaafar Panahi begins a hunger strike: I will not eat, drink or take medicine
Iranian director Jafar Panahi is on hunger strike. This is an act of protest against his continued detention in Evin Prison despite the cancellation of the ruling issued by the Supreme Court in Tehran.

The tragic situation of Jaafar Panahi

Panahi’s six-year prison sentence continues, although his sentence has been overturned by the director’s lawyer, Salih Hekbakht. Panahi took this desperate step just days after it became clear that the “punishment” could be converted into bail.

“I declare that I am protesting against the unlawful and inhumane treatment by the local judicial and prison authorities, of which I am being held hostage. I will go on a hunger strike on the 1st of February. I shall not eat, drink or take any medicine until I persevere with this decision until my body is exhumed from the prison “.

Why jail Jaafar Panahi?

Last year, Iran’s regime of repression led to the arrest of two filmmakers. Jaafar Panahi and his lawyers decided to find out the fate of Muhammad Rasoulof and Mustafa Al-Ahmad. Instead, he was arrested and imprisoned in the notorious Evin Prison.

As it turned out, he was arrested in connection with a sentence passed 12 years ago. After supporting anti-government demonstrations in 2010, he was arrested, sentenced to 6 years in prison, and banned from making films and leaving the country for 20 years. Panahi spent two months in prison. Then he was released and spent most of his time under house arrest.

Despite being banned from making films, he used every possible loophole in his conviction to remain a director. His “Tehran Taxi” won the Golden Bear in 2015. The last film – “The Year of the Permanent Storm” last year – was shown at Cannes.

Who is Jafar Panahi?

“This is not a film” (2011), “Pardé” (2013), “Taxi-Tehran” (2015) and “The Year of the Permanent Storm” (2021). One of the most important contemporary directors from Iran has been awarded several times at the Cannes Film Festival. His “Tehran Taxi” won the Golden Bear in Berlin, and the “Circle” – the Golden Lion in Venice.

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