Dinosaur bones on the moon.  Archaeologists explain

Dinosaur bones on KsiężyCSh? to Not a sci-fi movie script. Archaeologists, astrophysicists, and paleontologists have unanimously explained how fossils of prehistoric reptiles reached the surface of the moon. Can this hypothesis actually be confirmed with scientific evidence? Is space archeology entering a new interplanetary era?

Dinosaur bones He could have ended up in space. Paleontologists, astrophysicists and archaeologists claim we may discover them in the future, for example. on the moon. They point out that, of course, we won’t find a complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus or a killer Allosaurus in the Silver Tomb. We’re talking about tiny fragments of bone from prehistoric reptiles. How did dinosaurs get to the moon?

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Dinosaur bones on the moon. Archaeologists explain

how Dinosaur bones found their way to the moon? Science journalist Peter Brennan, author of The End of the World, explained that the fossils were transported into space As a result of a giant asteroid colliding with Earth 66 million years ago.

It turns out that Peter Brennan isn’t the only one who predicted we’d find one in the future Dinosaur stays on the moon. Geophysicist Mario Rebolledo also claims that we will find fossils of prehistoric reptiles in space. Research conducted by physicists from the University of Kent in Great Britain, published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, also suggests that dinosaur bones could be found on the moon. They point to meteorites found on Earth, which were formed as a result of the collision of celestial bodies with Mars or the Moon.

More importantly, rocks of terrestrial origin have already been found on the Moon. For example, a piece of granite was found on the moon in 1971 by astronauts on the Apollo 14 mission, and by examining traces of uranium, titanium and cerium, scientists determined that the 2-cm-long piece of rock was about 4 billion years old. As stated in Earth and planetary sciences messageA piece of rock had to be taken out of the ground. It landed on the moon in the form of a meteorite. It was also noted that several billion years ago the Moon was three times closer to the Earth than it is today.

The asteroid that hit the Earth at that time was larger than Mount Everest, and its flight was so fast that it was able to cover the distance from the height of a Boeing 747 (about 14 kilometers) to the Earth in 0.3 seconds – writes National Geographic, citing Rebolledo’s hypothesis.

An asteroid hits Earth. Space archeology

Peter Brennan wrote that before the asteroid hit the Earth, it created such enormous atmospheric pressure that it began to carve a hole in the Earth even before the moment of impact. He also claims that the meteorite was intact at the time of contact with the planet’s surface. He compares it to a giant missile “without a luminous fireball” that created a hole in the atmosphere.

It all happened within a second or two of impact. Therefore, there are likely small pieces of dinosaur bones on the moon, says Peter Brennan.

The surface of the moon

The surface of the moon
Photo: Lukasz Szczepanski/Reporter/Eastern News

More importantly, this penetration into Earth’s atmosphere could have thrown debris into orbit. There may have been rock fragments Mixed with dinosaur remains. Perhaps some of them settled On the moon.

Space archeology It is currently a dynamically developing scientific field. It combines elements of astronomy, geology and chemistry. More scientists are drawing attention to the archaeological value of the Moon. They are demanding that archaeologists be sent to the moon before it even begins Destructive lunar exploration and space tourism. Moreover, recently, thanks to the California Historical Resources Commission, the Lunar Sea of ​​Tranquility has actually been included in the list of places of historical value. It may soon be included in the famous UNESCO World Heritage List.

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