April 1, 2023


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Did Craig from Halo Infinite get a new look?  Leaks with shape

Did Craig from Halo Infinite get a new look? Leaks with shape

The spell of Microsoft and one of the main characters in the Halo Infinite promotion has been updated. The Halo community has revealed Craig’s new look, and in this case, some minor changes have been made.

Halo Infinite’s Craig caused a storm that Microsoft took good advantage of — you know, production was delayed, but Phil Spencer and his team decided to approach the topic in a very relaxed way. The company has officially confirmed this The character is the “new mascot of the Xbox brand”., a Studio staff in charge of the game received T-shirts with his picture on it.

The character has been approved by fans, but we thought the company would decide to update her image a bit. New material has emerged from the 343 Industries shooter unlike Halo Leaks and according to the photos – Craig has undergone a slight facelift.

We can’t be sure this is the final material, but we’ve already seen big changes to Halo Infinite before. The creators didn’t waste the last year and made sure the production looked a lot better.

It’s worth noting that the next phase of Halo Infinite testing will take place this weekend.

Aura Infinite Craig - 2

Hello Infinite Craig - 3

Hello Infinite Craig - 4

Source: https://mp1st.com/news/rumor-halo-infinites-infamous-craig-gets-a-new-look-brute-images-also-leak-out

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