Did Agnieszka Radwańska have a harder time than Iga Świątek?  Her father spoke

It is often said that the standard of women’s tennis has declined. Artistic skill was replaced by strength.

How many Poles, so many opinions. Maybe it wasn’t that bad, but the girls are playing more one-sided now. There were more players who played technically and comprehensively. Now strength and fitness dominate. Women’s tennis has moved towards ‘power’. It’s definitely easier now. In recent years, we have associated this sport with the battle of the minds and chess. Cunning and wisdom won. Power is king these days, which is probably why women’s tennis has become less attractive. He has changed, but has he changed for the better? In my opinion, not necessarily – says Radwański in an interview with Dziennik.pl Radwański.

Radwańska and Świątek share the coach

Given all these flaws in world tennis, does Iga Svetek have it much easier than Agnieszka Radwanska did a few years ago?

There is nothing to compare. I certainly won’t buy that, because the votes will soon appear to belittle Iga’s achievements and I would argue that it is even more difficult for Agnieszka. You can’t simply put them together. It was different ‘in Agnieszka’s time’ and it’s played differently now. It doesn’t make sense. It’s like wondering if Muhammad Ali would defeat the current heavyweight champion – says the father of the former runner-up of the WTA rankings.

Both of our tennis players are certainly related to coach Tomas Viktorovsky. Although it must be admitted that neither Radwańska nor Świątek were his disciples. In Agnieszka’s case, her father taught her how to play tennis, while Piotr Sierzputowski developed Iga’s talent. Radwańska and Świątek only came under Wiktorowski’s wing when they were already among the best players in the world.

So can it be said that the current coach of the world rankings leader somehow came prepared and drinks the cream for others who have done a dirty job? (He laughed) tomatoes. I do not comment on this matter – concluded Radwański.

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