Diane's best earnings are known as "the flat girl".

To the delight of fans of Diane Delaunais, this larger-than-life character first presented in the bestseller Autopsy of a Flat Woman, Marie-Renée Lavoie does it again. This autumn, the sympathetic Diane returns in Boires et deboires d’une déchicaneuse, a lively novel filled with humor and unbelievable situations. It’s great to see how the incomparable Diane is doing with a temporary contract as “Professional and Digital Team Synergy Manager”. The task may turn out to be more difficult than she thought!

When Diana was a supervisor at a small school, she was able to call upon her skills in resolving juvenile conflicts, managing parent royals, and other related tasks.

This time, she is so enthralled that she accepts a short-term contract as a “sipper,” a role discovered by human resources that hands her over on a silver platter. Will people’s behavior be very different from a small school? Must see that!

Marie-Renée Lavoie breaks free in this novel, and Diane sees all the colors. In describing the absurdity of certain everyday situations… we find the author’s equal sense of irony while showing great mastery of writing.

“I really like my role as Diane in her friendship with Claudine. It’s a little funny in me and even her misfortunes become a little funny”, she comments.

Diana’s contract

Diane returned unexpectedly. “I was writing a heavy, dark book. I set out to see if my Diane needed to move a little. It came very naturally. It was like writing every day, after a day’s work, and taking a little hot bath! »

She consciously chooses lightness and arranges herself so that the turns of phrase are funny.

“I did not bring disease. I try not to talk about the epidemic. I gave myself the pleasure of going into a world that was not pink…but green. Diane, if I had to give her universe a color, it would be green. »

This writing did him good. “When I put the final point, ​​​​​​I said to myself: Ah! I had a good time! I hope— we will enjoy reading it. »

Diane needs to fix a lot of things in teams. She needs to fix… Synergy. Team spirit is broken. Alleviates tensions and rivalries.

“It’s like a quilt with stitches bursting everywhere. We know how to query… but querying is better,” he notes.

Marie-Renee discovers that the world really needs splicers like Diane, social weavers these days.


Other good news: Fans of Limoilou’s Ostimans will rejoice, as these earthen characters figure prominently in the novel. They always have a “little grudge” on hand and the perfect tools to fix anything.

“They even have names this time!” Marie-Renée notes.

“They were part of the scenery, but they were multifaceted characters. We can do whatever we want with them. I love them so much. »

They are taken from reality.

“In the alleys of Limousin, when I was young, there were a lot of Ostimans. I was walking and they were like “Hi honey”. Even in the winter they always had their little tantrums: I could see it through their open garage door. But they were nice people. . »


√ Marie-Renée Lavoie has won several literary prizes.

√ Autopsy of a Flat Lady Continued in Reunion of Diane Delanois, Volume One of The Adventures of Diane Delanois—.

√ Autopsy of a Flat Woman was also published in France, English, Canada and Germany and sold over 15,000 copies.

√ A short story, Diane is not out of the woods, was also published in the Draisine collection in August 2022.

√ Marie-Renée Lavoie also writes for young adults. He has published The Curious Story of a Dying Cat, The Jazzy Series and The Last Camelot.

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