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Diablo Immortal is the Worst Rated Blizzard Game on Metacritic

Diablo Immortal is the Worst Rated Blizzard Game on Metacritic

June 8, 2022, 5:19 pm

Diablo Immortal is no longer one of the least rated Blizzard games by Metacritic users. Now Diablo Immortal is Blizzard’s worst rated game on the site.

Only the day before yesterday inform us You, that it was released less than a week ago (on PC as an open beta and mobile devices with Android and iOS) Immortal Diablo It is the 3rd worst Blizzard rated game by users. But this is old. This production was “advanced” – It became the worst rated item in the entire “Blizzards” group.

keeps falling

Average scores given by netizens who, let’s remind you, didn’t have to play Immortal Diabloto do this – it is now 0.5 / 10 (Based on 2,707 ratings, which are still growing). Same result, but with much fewer votes (only 373), Achieve Just World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic – here, as in the case Immortal Diablothe exact coefficients (and system fraction) are at fault.

Our review Immortal Diablo – Authoring Hubert Sosnowski – You will find below:

dark triad

It can be said that with the infamous Warcraft III: Reforged As of 2020 ( users rated 0.6 / 10) Blizzard created its own dark triad – for three years in a row, it has released games with an average player rating of less than 1/10 on this portal. It seems impossible to repeat the record – like Real Madrid won the Champions League three times in a row (counting matches since 1993). However, it is a pity – once the phrase “Dark Trinity” is used in the context of the “Blizzards” games linked quite another thing.

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The other side of the coin

It is interesting that v App Store Immortal Diablo With an average of 4.6/5 (based on scores of more than 60.8 thousand people), and google apps – 3.3 / 5 (based on about 432 thousand reviews). So who is right? It’s better to see for yourself – the game is free, after all.