Diablo 4 on the climatic parts of the game.  I learned about Blizzard from previous productions

Blizzard is even more boldly sharing the influences of the work on the next installment in the Satanic series. Thanks to materials posted by editors who got early access to the post, we can see what Diablo 4 looks like in all its glory.

A lot of time has passed since the first announcement of the new part of Diablo – however, the developers continue to move forward, bringing more and more promising shots from the game. In the past weeks, professional journalists have had the opportunity not only to hear the assumptions guiding the team, but also to see for themselves the changes that have been introduced. You can read our report here.

The common parts of the game herald the complete return of the dark and gloomy atmosphere of the previous parts – the authors learned a lesson from Diablo 3 and Diablo Immortal, this time they offer a more bleak Sanctuary project. The cruel and terrifying world is supposed to be the basis for a similar bloody story.

Blizzard shared the prologue and the first chapter, and the editors were given character classes such as barbarian, rogue, and witch. We must turn our attention not only to the hero customization system, but above all to a very extensive skill tree, since the decisions we make about developing a particular ability can greatly affect the gameplay.

It is likely that we will see Diablo 4 during The Game Awards – let us remind you that yesterday the date of the title’s first appearance in the Microsoft Store was discovered. The long-awaited item will be on the market in June.

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