Diablo 4 creator calms fans disgusted with Diablo Immortal
June 13, 2022, 19:01

Rod Ferguson decided to reassure Diablo fans. He revealed that the fourth batch of the cycle will not contain intrusive microtransactions.

the first show Immortal Diablo It was not successful (at least in terms of image) – the microtransactions were met with great dissatisfaction from the players. Not surprisingly, there were concerns about it Diablo 4Next year will also introduce additional, intrusive payments. decide the situation appease Rod Fergusson Brand SupervisionWho stated that such a situation will not happen.

in entering the Twitter The developer wrote it Diablo 4 It is a “full price” offered production, which was designed from the start for computers and consoles. The developers plan to support the title for years after its premiere, offering full story extensions and optional cosmetic items.

Diablo 4 Creator Calms Fans Disgusted by Diablo Immortal - Illustration #1

Source: Rod Ferguson / Twitter.

However, details are still not available and it is difficult to determine how these elements will be rendered in the game. So it remains to wait until we learn more information.

Diablo 4 It will debut next year On PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

  1. Diablo 4 looks like the Diablo we’ve always wanted

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