(Ottawa) Federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Catherine McKenna promised on Monday that she would use any platform to act on both climate action, even after leaving federal politics, but also figures on the fight against hateful comments and personal attacks targeting the public.

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The Canadian Press

MMe McKenna told weekend Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that he would not run for a third term as the Liberal MP for the Ottawa Center, and wanted to spend more time with his three children and pursue climate action outside the government. However, he insisted on Monday that he was not leaving “classic” politics because he was frustrated: on the contrary, he said he was proud of his government’s achievements, especially the national climate plan and the carbon tax.

“I tell you the strict truth: I want to spend more time with my children – and there are other ways to combat climate change,” he told a news conference in Ottawa on Monday morning. Canal on the banks of the famous Rydo.

His departure surprised Parliament Hill, Mr. The already serious speculation that Trudeau is set to call an election later this summer has intensified. MMe McKenna, 49, who was first elected six years ago, has been riding roughshod over the New Democrats; It quadrupled its majority in 2019.

As Minister of the Environment, he was one of the most important ministers in Prime Minister Trudeau’s responsible for the Liberal Government’s commitment to review all of Canada’s climate policy. But she was also the main target of streams of online insults, which eventually left the virtual realm. In 2017, when he denounced former Conservative MP Jerry Ritz, he called her “Climate Barbie” on Twitter, a sexual insult that first appeared on the internet. Right Right “The Rebellion”.

In the run-up to the 2019 election, he told The Canadian Press that he sometimes needed closer protection because of the threats now targeting his person. It is not uncommon for men to curse themselves when they go out with their children in Ottawa.

A few days after this October 2019 poll, his campaign office was vandalized by infamous sex graffiti. After the election, Mr. When Trudeau transformed it from the environment to infrastructure, many believed that the Prime Minister wanted to give it some air in the face of the intensity of the attacks it was carrying out.

Close security

Although its role in infrastructure, especially during epidemics, is less important, bullying has not stopped. A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer was detained near her on Monday during her outdoor press conference in Ottawa. The Prime Minister has long enjoyed the continued protection of RCMP officials, but it is very rare for ministers to need such close protection.

MMe Mr. McKenna said Monday that he offered to stay in the infrastructure if Trudeau wanted to. In the meantime, he wants to be a voice for all those who face such attacks – and for protection. “I thought a lot about this: I’ve had my fair share of attacks, but I feel like it’s just noise. People want you to stop what you’re doing. They want you. Go back. But what do you think? We’m not backing down on the carbon tax!”

MMe McKenna feels that she has been waiting a long time to speak out against these attacks, but she has learned a lesson and finally decided that she can no longer keep her mouth shut. The tsunami of support she received inspired her: she loves anyone who has been sidelined or intimidated by the sometimes toxic environment of young life or public life.

“I will do anything to combat this,” he said. “Why? I’m leaving, but I want women, I want members of the tribal community, tribal people, black Canadians, I want new immigrants. I want members of the LGBTQ2 + community to feel safe in politics. We have found that this is not always the case.

“So I think this is for someone like me because now I don’t care, I’m going to fight it.” Because we need good people in politics. ”

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