Dennis Tutt was killed.  Two perpetrators were arrested.  Sent a wanted poster on the third poster

On April 7, a tragic event occurred in the capital of North Macedonia. Dennis Tot, Croatian Footballer Handheld, he gets into an argument outside a nightclub. The controversy soon turned into a fight and tragedy.

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Dennis Tutt bludgeoned to death. One of the perpetrators is still at large

Dennis Tutt was beaten up by a group of people outside a nightclub in Skopje. He died on his way to the hospital from his injuries. The reasons for this tragic attack are unknown. Surveillance cameras recorded how the perpetrators were constantly hitting and kicking the handball player, although he was already lying unconscious on the ground.

According to the Macedonian Ministry of the Interior, there were three attackers. Two of them have already testified. They are a man and a woman who were arrested immediately after the investigation. The third, on the other hand, is still at large and an arrest warrant has been issued against him. According to police results, he was the first to hit Thoth.

Dennis Tutt’s funeral was held on Tuesday in his hometown of Dakovi. The handball player was 27 years old.

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Denis Tutt started his career at RK Dakovo. For four years he played in Spanish, Austrian and Croatian clubs. In 2019, he joined GRK Orhid from North Macedonia. His last club was RK Botel in the capital.

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