March 29, 2023


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Mateusz Łysoń

Demo article breaks all the rules. It’s like conductive plasticine

Plasticine chair breaks all the rules, maintaining high conductivity no matter the conditions

Conventional good current conductors have many common features. For example, copper, steel, and aluminum at the atomic level are materials consisting of molecules arranged in a tight configuration which makes them solid and have so far been recognized as a key factor in allowing electrons to travel freely through matter. However, these scientists disputed this latter claim when, while working with an experimental class of materials, they made a breakthrough that could shape a new generation of electronic devices.

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Experiments with materials based on carbon and sulfur molecular chains interspersed with nickel atoms led the team to interesting conclusions. This type of material turned out to be a very effective conductor of electricity and was able to maintain its performance in various harsh conditions. Conductive plasticine was heated, cooled, dipped in acid and exposed to air and moisture, but it retained its properties. Thus, the strength of the elastic and conductive material of the “new generation” was confirmed.

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According to previous analyses, this conductive plasticine retains its flexibility and active conductivity due to its lasagna-like structure where the material forms layers like pasta sheets, allowing electrons to flow. As a result, scientists have just mastered a unique material that can change the market for power tools with its properties. Its uniqueness boils down to the fact that, in comparison with other flexible conductors, the conductivity of this material does not weaken under the influence of high temperatures or humidity. Another advantage is the fact that it can be made at room temperature.

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