Dehors Serge Dehors |  My cousins, these heroes ★★★★

For six years, actor Serge Therial has been living at home, voluntarily refusing to communicate outside. Only his wife Anna, his daughter Melina and the couple Robert and Jolande, who live on the ground floor, can access him. Beyond the story of Serge Therial, the story of his caretakers is told here.

Andre Duchesne

Andre Duchesne

This wonderful documentary by Martin Fournier and Pier-Luc Latulippe reminds us from afar. The legend of the pianist at sea, A film by Giuseppe Tornado, inspired by the book Twentieth Century: Pianists d’Alessandro Baricco.

Of course, the film’s invisible hero, Serge Theriolt, did not spend his life aboard a ship, but stubbornly refused to disembark, even though it had sunk to the bottom of the ocean. But the truth is that the actor has had to deal with an inland sea in recent years, he is depressed and refuses to leave his house properly.

However, the impact of such a situation on the immediate family is enormous. Both directors are trying to throw off the screen of these effects. Yes, the training, due to its content and format, raises questions about privacy protection. But skepticism quickly dissipates as the material is treated with a mixture of tenderness, respect, humanity and nature.

Fournier and Latulippe did not steal life scraps about them. The camera did not penetrate. They will not tear up the confession. They do not take the stage. They give, which is a short job, surprising from time to time.

Get out of the surge Not just a documentary. This is a love story. A spouse, brother and daughter Melina, who longs to see this spouse and this father heal. They are hanging. They like it. They are enduring.

This is the story of the superheroes, Robert and Jolande, the most humble men, who hope that they will give them a little help and comfort, without rushing from day to day.

There is something universal in the film, telling the story of natural caregivers, in the front row, caring for a loved one while dealing with their own injuries.

Get out of the surge Hard movie to watch. He grazes, he graffiti does, he moves. Still. It was a beautiful story for both directors to have the ingenuity to keep it alive without imposing it. Whose end goes to the light.


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Get out of the surge


Get out of the surge

Martin Fournier and Pierre-Luc Lattulip

With Anna Chuvaso, Melina Theriold Chuvaso, Robert and Jolande Rasikot

1 hour 08

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