December 9, 2022


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"Definitely don't hold back."  Impossible predictions for Iga witek Tenis

“Definitely don’t hold back.” Impossible predictions for Iga witek Tenis

Iga your lips She hasn’t lost a match for three months. world leader WTA Ranking He has a streak of 28 matches won. and five championships. On Sunday, she defeated Anas Jaber 6:2, 6:2 with great style in a match for the title of Champion. In this 1000 in Rome. And early next Sunday in Paris, the Grand Slam will start Roland GarrosWhich witek Brick would be preferred. But Piotr Woźniacki, father of former No. 1, Carolina, argues that the Iga streak may last longer. In his opinion, dominance this season can also win with everyone on the grass, where she has not yet felt confident. The grasscourt tournaments will start right after that Roland Garros.

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Iga Świątek reacts to the position of WTA ranking leader

Łukasz Jachimiak: When Iga Świątek won match 17 and the third championship in a row, you said on that you wish her to win all the matches this year. These were jokes, but this was probably a wonderful prophecy.

Piotr Woźniacki: I never back down from it. I have seen and seen how great Iga is mentally. Ha a series She will continue as long as she can rest between tournaments and if she is not injured. Iga has already beaten all the important girls, all the girls who had problems with her before, all the former champions, all the young talents.

Germans write about Iga Świątek. “He has only one dangerous opponent: boredom.”

I don’t see any tennis player who could threaten IGA. If she is reasonably healthy and comfortable, she will play each subsequent match at a level that no opponent is playing. Iga’s worst opponent is now just an injury. I shake my fingers until the resentment passes over her and then you will win everything for a long time.

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But do you remember the popular tournaments that will start right after Roland Garros? Of course, Ega is the junior Wimbledon champion, but she played a few matches on that roof a year ago and has stressed that she doesn’t feel confident about that.

Tomic Wiktorowski Gain great experience on the grass with Iśka [Agnieszką Radwańską]. Here the psychological issue of IgA and its position are certainly the basis. Iga suffers from a lot of gas and you have to help her believe that she can be great on the grass too. The grass is a little different than it used to be. where Rafael Nadal can win WimbledonIgA can also.

It sounds funny – Ega is better than Nadal.

Of course, I do not want to offend anyone, nor do I try to be a great philosopher. I just remember when we were on tour with Carolina and we saw the grass change. It used to be very fast. In the Sampras era, if you wanted to win it, you had to play serve and shot, and he wouldn’t have a chance then, and in our era it was otherwise. Please see what the grass looks like at Wimbledon today. There are no longer any well-familiar paths from the terminal lines to the grid. And they used to be.

The Polish fan tried to appear during the interview with Iga ŚwiątekSwiatek gave an interview. Suddenly, the Polish master of the second plan appeared [WIDEO]

On the slow grass today, Iga has a really good chance. But of course she has to believe it. If she thinks positively, she will cope. Although she will have a little time because I hope you win Roland Garros.

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If she wins, she will only have three weeks before Wimbledon.

– That’s why Tomic’s role will be very important. But I’m sure he will know how and where to prepare Iga. How she manages everything in such a way that she can rest and find herself on the grass, so that she feels that some other thing is important to her. Tom knows very well what. The most important thing is the head. Iga shows everyone and herself in the first place that no matter what tournament, wherever she is, she can find herself, she is able to put up with everything physically, and although everyone is very focused on her, she is fine. to do. I think Iga will maintain this level for a long time.

Let’s get back here and now. Iga is the sixth youngest tennis player in history and has already won five WTA 1000 tournament titles. Your daughter is fourth in this ranking. Is it hard to handle the stress of doing these things?

When Carolina was hitting the highest level in the world, everyone kept saying you should absolutely play with her every point to the end, because she picks up all the balls and beats everything. Iga is doing the same now. This is how you play when your physical and mental preparation is at the highest level i.e. when you have a strong head that runs out and is fit. But honestly, we had some technical deficiencies.

Ega Švetik and Andy RoddickTransformation of Iga Świątek. Andy Roddick thinks it’s Roland Garros’ favorite

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Do you see an Iga feature here?

– Well, what more can I say – I have never been a tennis player or tennis coach, and I had no idea about technical matters. Carolina was taken care of by club coaches from Denmark, they had no tour experience. They can not be compared at all with coach Wiktorovsky. Starting a collaboration with him was the best move Iga could make. I don’t take anything Peter SeerzbotovskyI do not underestimate its advantages. I assure you he did a great job with Iga. But I think Iga needed the next step in her career. This step has been taken correctly. Now we can only be happy with what’s going on and keep cheering for Iga.