December: Is Montreal Too Beautiful for a Heritage Show?

As a result, the Place des Arts decided to pull the plug on the show December Every year for the past 20 years, Quebec’s holiday traditions have been celebrated.

Me, all I have to say is “Good riddance! »

Welcome to the city!

After all, the Place des Arts is not in the countryside!

People marry cousins ​​and dance the jig all day long!

PDA is in Montreal!

Canada City!

Internationally renowned multicultural capital!

Recognized all over the world for its amazing ring!

What can compete for beauty with the most beautiful monuments in the world!

It’s not like we’re in Saint-Glinglin-les-Moineaux in Montreal!

We don’t close our little dusty traditions smelling of fir!

We are open! We are open !

Proof that we love diversity: we had a Dwarf Palace! We exposed the skeleton of the giant Beaupre!

You can see the great Antonio, a pillar of the Yugoslav community, pulling buses with his hair down the streets of Rosemont!

Long before body diversity, Bébé Papillon (350 pounds of fun) and Pitou La Botte (three-foot-six muscle) were shaking their asses in hot bars. Topless From the city!

We don’t have tight hells in Montreal, oh! We have the Italian Mafia! Russian Mafia! Street gangs of all colors!

It bakes in French! In English! In Mandarin! In Arabic!

During Expo 67, we didn’t differentiate between ethnic groups, we sold rotten meat in all nations’ pavilions!

A modern city!

It’s Montreal!

And you think we’ll cry because we can’t see Ti-Coune rigodon anymore?

Tradition and folklore, we leave that to the regions!

What’s the point of having a dog sled while riding the subway?

We have wifi and the rest of us! The Internet is coming into our homes! We’re snap-pussy! We are tick-tock! We talk to the whole world!

We run experimental plays about the lack of social housing for homeless non-binary addicts!

What do you want us to do with you? Canadian Nights ?

Instead we’re going to turn it into a versatile program written by ChatGPT and approved by a cross-sectional team!

We will sing Midnight Christian !

Black Christmas !

I saw Daddy kiss Santa Claus !

And Fa la la From Bandak!

Open to the world!

Some gossip suggests that the PDA (which is largely funded by the Quebec government) is closed to the regions’ culture.


Watch Japanese drum performances there! Russian ballet! Chinese dancers!

And American musical instruments!

Remember: the Place des Arts is not in Quebec! It’s located in Montreal!

It was both Mohawk territory and a given French territory!

Come visit us!

Come see us !

Two five four six o one !

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