Death Stranding and GeForce Now are banned on Xbox
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October 25, 2021, 21:47

Microsoft Edge lets you play Steam games on Xboxes via GeForce Now, with the exception of Hideo Kojima’s latest production.

GeForce Now will receive the long-awaited Microsoft Edge beta support (via the edge). Why are you waiting? Because this means in practice From now on, Nvidia subscribers can play Steam games on Xbox. Note that Edge allows you to use the mouse and keyboard on consoles. In other words, players can even play games on them that don’t offer console support.

However, there is some tar. Tom Warren From The Verge I noticed it Why won’t the Edge browser find it on the console death strand. The game does not appear in the service manual and after the title is written in full, although it can be played on a PC. Even when a journalist tried to copy a link to this item on a computer, it failed to get around this error.

We can guess that the game publisher (Sony or 505 Games) has blocked access to death strandAlthough released on PC, it is still a console exclusive (i.e. not available on competitors’ devices). This was probably how it was made sure that a title designed specifically for PlayStation would not be available on Xboxes. However, it is waiting for official information from Nvidia (or Sony or 505 Games).

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