June 2, 2023


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Death on set rust.  Alec Baldwin has been blamed in another lawsuit

Death on set rust. Alec Baldwin has been blamed in another lawsuit

About the text moderator suit Mami Mitchell The Hollywood Reporter reported on Wednesday, citing Reuters.

“The text did not assume that Alec Baldwin He will shoot “- wrote Mitchell in the lawsuit against the American actor. This is the second lawsuit to be filed in a Los Angeles court in connection with the tragic event. October 21.

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Mitchell explains in the lawsuit that the film’s script included filming three quick shots – the first showing Baldwin’s eyes, the second showing the bloodstain on his shoulder, and then the camera pointing at the actor’s torso, who at the time was supposed to reach his hand in the holster and remove the gun.

According to the lawsuit, Mitchell accused the actor of “assault and willfully causing mental suffering and willfully causing harm.”

Mitchell notes that there was no attempt at where Baldwin would fire a gun, and the cameras were not on at the time of the shooting. He also blamed Baldwin for not making sure the gun was loaded.

Alec Baldwin should assume that the weapon in question may have been loaded and should verify it. And he had no right to rely on some of the alleged assertions from the assistant director that it was a “cold gun”. Mitchell wrote Baldwin can’t hide behind someone else to justify the fact that he didn’t check the gun himself.

Mitchell also explains in the lawsuit that Baldwin was familiar enough with the film industry’s security protocols to know that it was the gunsmith who should show him the empty cartridge chambers in the pistol.

The script supervisor noted that austerity measures, including hiring an inexperienced gunsmith, threatened the lives of Rust’s recording crew members.

This is the second lawsuit filed against Baldwin. Six days ago, the head of the lighting team, Serge Svetnoy, accused the actor and the film’s producers of negligence during filming of failing to implement safety standards and allowing “to shoot live ammunition at live people on set. From the movie Rust”.

Svitnoy’s lawsuit also named group maker Hana Gutierrez and assistant director Dave Holz, who admitted to investigators that he handed the gun to Baldwin during the filming of the scene. In total, Svetnoy accused nearly 20 people of negligence.

So far, the Santa Fe District Attorney’s Office has not brought any criminal charges against anyone.

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