Death of artist Kareem Olet

According to our sources, his lifeless body was found inside the ru’e Saint-Anselme at L’Unisson Studio in the Saint-Roch District around 10 p.m.

The Quebec City Police Department rejects the criminal investigation to explain the death of Karim Olet. According to our information, it may have been several hours since he died when his body was found. So no resurrection maneuver would have been undertaken.

The autopsy office will try to shed light on the case.

The body of Kareem Olet was found in the L’Unisson studio in the Saint-Roche district of Quebec.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Sebastien Wachon

Close and The artists community is in shock Following this sad news. Kareem Ollet has distanced himself in recent years.

He was more lonely than I had ever met him, Stephen Campbell, Kareem O’Leary’s Communications Officer for many years, told Julie Trollet, an information presenter about RDI.

Born in Dakar, Senegal, Karim Olet recently celebrated his 37th birthday. Growing up in Quebec after his adoption, he became known in the capital since 2007, especially in collaboration with the CEA, Webster and Limoilou Starz.

He received a lot of attention during the 2009 International de la Sanson de Cronby Festival.

Charmi and Kareem Olet.

Karim Ouellet and his sister Sarahmee



His second album won the prestigious Francophone Album of the Year award at Junos in 2014. Fox Sold over 33,000 copies.

He won the Félix-Leclerc Prize for his song Love, Who introduced him to the general public in Quebec.

In 2013, Karim Ouellet was appointed to ADISQ four times, then became Revélation Radio-Canada in 2012-2013.

In February 2018, for the 27th month of Black History, the singer was selected as the French-speaking spokesperson for this national event.

Kareem Ollet stands on a stage and plays the guitar

ICI Music Composer Philippe Fehmiu pays homage to Kareem Olet

Photo: Radio-Canada

He opens to concerts of the famous stroma and often participates in large-scale celebrations such as Canada Day.

Shortly before he died, he was working on his fourth album, according to his biography on Spotify. Anjo was also the judge of the Star Singing Contest.


The political class is also in shock.

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has commented brightly on Karim Olet.

Kareem Ollet is creative, avant-garde and infinitely talented. He leaves his mark on Quebec culture and leaves us with a remarkable work. His music will inspire us for many more years to come. My condolences to those who love man and his works.

A quote Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his Twitter account

Showers of praise from Quebec elected officials

The Prime Minister of Quebec Franசois Legold paid tribute to him on his Twitter account.

My condolences to the family and loved ones of Kareem Olet, a young artist who brought a new style to Quebec music, Wrote the politician.

Quebec Mayor Bruno Marchand also expressed his regret.

A man, a writer, an extraordinary artist who was able to recapture the taste of French-speaking music is flying today., He wrote on his Twitter account.

His tenderness and his pen will live on through his music, which will forever be etched in the musical landscape of the Qupers. […] To you, dear Kareem, passionate, I wish you a good trip.

A quote Bruno Merchant, Mayor of Quebec

For his part, Dominic Angled, the official opposition leader in the National Assembly, quoted the lyrics of Kareem Olet’s most popular song.

I am in shock. Karim Ouellet died at the age of 37. I extend my deepest condolences to the family and loved ones. In Love, Kareem sings to us: “Let’s see if we can have faith”. Let these words continue to ring in our hearts.

He especially goes to mourn his sister, rap singer Sarahmi.

Collaborated by Hody Hussein, Eloise Leville-Sagnon, Edith Hammond and Steve Jolieguer

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