On July 6, a dozen volunteers set out to find the English Spaniel on a young man’s paddle board in Saint-Simeone.

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The three-year-old animal was spotted in the morning with his master Etienne Gelinas, and his relatives said the dog could have survived because he was wearing a suitable floating device.

An organization called Zee Reachers Charlie coordinated research in this field. According to the person in charge, Genevieve Duperon said it was “highly possible” that the animal could have recovered the shore. “We do not know what happened to Etienne. She would not have experienced the same fate, ”Ms Duberan said.

Poster required

The organization, which posted the desired announcement on Facebook, is asking people who want to help contact it. Weighing about 40 pounds this dog is called Dad. Mr. The information he found near Kelinas’ body was eventually found to be unsubstantiated.

“For us, it’s important to find her if she’s alive, because it’s only a part of Edinburgh,” the victim’s sister, Christine Kelinas, confirmed.

Volunteers chased the Boy-des-Rochers department on Friday. Further research is planned this weekend. The animal is brown and white.

“Etienne had decided to adopt a dog as her adventure companion. We found Etienne, but we did not find her mate. We would like to know at least what happened if she is alive or not,” he said.Me Gelinas.

Advice on how to approach him

If an animal is occasionally found in the area, mMe Do not try to catch him, do not run after him, do not call him again, but Duperon asks to note the time and situation and call 418-957-2987.

According to Sarat du Quebec, the body of Etienne Kelinas was found by walkers near By-des-Rochers around 5pm on Tuesday. He was a member of the youth wing of the Liberal Party.

Originally from Fuseville, he introduced the basics of the game last year.

According to his father Robert Gelinas, Etienne had some experience in paddle boarding, but mainly in lakes. He was a huge fan on the outside and loved the hike. He never parted from his partner.

The 23-year-old was found with a life jacket on his back, according to a police report.

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