Dear Jeanette Reno, I am writing to thank you for being there already

Dear Jeanette Reno. Today, you cross the milestone of your 77th birthday. I wish you the most beautiful holidays surrounded by those who love you and everyone you love without limit or restriction.

I am writing to thank you. Being. For your incredible talent as a singer, actress and writer. However, I want to tell you my admiration for you as a woman. As an exceptional human being.

Despite the fame and limelight, you are always honest, true and generous in everything. You are the abundance of love.

With you, artistry is banished. A rarity in our time. As the British say, What you see is what you get. And frankly, what we get from you is absolutely beautiful, inside and out.

In addition to your long and rich career, you always managed to hold your head high in every trial, personal, professional or health. Suddenly, you came back to us more dazzling and alive than ever.

I want to tell you that very young, for two years, my family was second to your parents. It made us proud to know that you no longer lived there, but that you could appear on our humble street.

Thanks to my mother who adored you throughout my youth, I listened to and loved every one of your “LPs”. Yes yes. At the same time the Beatles, Stones, The Doors, Streisand, Aznavour etc. You were the queen of all.

Heart sisters

Twenty years ago, I finally got to meet you. It was in the management of Christian Charette’s radio show, in which I participated as an analyst every week.

I knew you would be, I brought your CD Music in me. My intention: To dedicate it to my little sister Manon, who has loved you from childhood, to life and death.

I also explained to you that Manon is mentally retarded. You smiled and held my hand.

When I saw you had written — “To my little sister Manon, whom I love so dearly” — I was very nervous, and I said that you must have made a mistake in using the word “my.”

Imagine that! Your reaction is consistent with the person you are. “If Manon is your sister, she is also my sister,” you replied. Dear Reno Madam, You are truly a sister in our hearts.

Because Manon brings her CD everywhere, unfortunately, she steals it. But she never forgot him. Me neither.

Everything is you

A few years later, I invited Manon to the Capitol de Quebec for your special Christmas performance. With each song, each of your solos, Manon swooned with joy.

For my part, I thought very strongly of our dead mother, who would very much like to see you and hear with us.

Before the show, on the ground floor of the Capitol, Manon toured your promotional products. I bought her everything she wanted. The moment was simply magical.

Do you know what? Of all the things she brought home, the most precious to her was a beautiful pink rosary made by your hands.

Rosaries, all glittering and each unique, you’ve put so many together. Because wear your faith as you wear everything else: with passion, compassion, and honesty.

Since then, whenever Manon sees a tragic event on the news, she removes your rosary from its case. She installs him in the room and prays for the suffering people. As for the title of your latest CD, Manon, this rosary is all about you.

On this special day, marking your 77 years on this earth, I wanted to tell you. Take good care of yourself.

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