Deadpool & Wolverine will break box office records.  This will be one of Marvel’s biggest hits

Deadline will publish its first box office projections six weeks before the premiere Deadpool Wolverine. After the film broke advance ticket sales records in North America, the opening estimate was no surprise: We’re talking about $200-240 million. But experts warn: these are very conservative estimates! This could be bigger!

Deadpool Wolverine – Box Office

An opening above $200 million means that Deadpool Wolverine It would break the US theatrical opening record for a high R-rated film. The current record holder for best opening is dead poolWhich raised $132.4 million. It would also be a record for the best opening of 2024 and the best openings of Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ careers. It will also be one of the best debuts in history.

When it comes to analyzes of awareness of the project’s existence and interest in its vision, the results exceed all standards. No film in 2024 has received such high scores in these studies. Deadline also points out an interesting fact that may explain why current expectations are so low: men’s interest in the film Deadpool WolverineIts higher than the scene Spider-Man: No way home, which had an opening of $260.1 million. The second best film in the history of American cinema.

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There’s just one unknown – analysts point out they can’t predict whether parents who always take their kids to see Marvel movies will realize thatAnd Deadpool Wolverine He has a high age range. This fact may affect how the results ultimately turn out.

Premieres July 26.

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