David Lee Roth attacks Wolfgang Van Halen

In a new YouTube video, Van Halen singer David Lee Roth attacks Eddie Van Halen's son.

The group Van Halen has been gone since 2020 and the death of guitarist Eddie Van Halen, but tensions between the surviving members still seem high.

Inaugurated by singer David Lee Roth An attack on YouTube Wednesday, January 24, against Eddie's son Wolfgang Van Halen, who played bass with the band from 2007 to 2015 and is currently enjoying success with his own band, Wolfgang WVH. In his video, Roth repeatedly refers to Wolfgang as ” baby boy “, as well as” Schlemiel » (” Stupid ” in Yiddish), mocks him for benefiting from a relative, and complains that Wolfgang ordered an accountant out from behind the scenes, mistaking him for Roth's girlfriend.

The video begins with a mock interview depicting Wolfgang (who replaced Van Halen's original bassist Michael Anthony) as “”. Jesus Christ » : « People need to know that I got this job because of my skillsdeclares the pseudo-Wolfgang. I would have gotten this job even if my dad wasn't god. I want people to know that I got this job because of my skills ».

Roth mocks Wolfgang for allegedly not paying enough attention to the singer on stage, and launches into a story about Wolfgang allegedly taking revenge on Roth with a woman who had been looking after the group from two concerts. From the scene. According to Roth, Wolfgang believed the woman was Roth's girlfriend, but he was the accountant paying the entire tour and the Van Halen family would not have received his free tickets.

Wolfgang avoided directly criticizing Roth, although he suggested it in an interview Rolling Stone The singer is responsible for a planned tribute to Eddie Van Halen in 2022 not happening. ” There are some people who make it very difficult to do anything when it comes to Van HalenWolfgang said. Since I was in Van Halen, there was always a barrier to making music and having fun. I think that's what happened…. In my time in Van Halen, we've been able to tour three times, put out a new album and a live album, and it's a wonderful miracle… obviously some people fill themselves up rather than entertain others. »

Brian Hiatt

Translated by editorial staff

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