Dave Ogrodnik subjected to harassment and humiliation!  Sad what we’ve been through

Dawid Ogrodnik is undoubtedly one of the best Polish actors of the younger generation. He already knew he was going to be an artist when he was a little kid. He wanted to become a musician … He was thirteen years old when he left his family home and moved to a boarding school in a musical arcade in Pozna, where his older friends enjoyed him and where he faced mobbing for the first time in his life.

“Those were the times when the military had a ‘wave’. Its equivalent in the dormitories of art academies was ‘conscription’. We went to a good school there, anyway. Privileges for a higher position” – he recalls in an interview with Esquire magazine.

Years later, David Ogrodnik accused one of his lecturers from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Krakow of harassment and admitted that the famous actress had given him and his friends a hell on earth. It was soon revealed that his ears were behind him too – when he became an aide to Adam Nojchik, he reportedly harassed the students, and as Alexander Korzak recalls in an influential social media post, he “used violent tactics”, was aggressive and “trampled people in the ground” “.

Dawid never mentioned these words… The gardener does not hide that among his many painful experiences related to acting, there is also… sexual harassment.

“I was a novice actor and played a kiss scene with a more experienced actress. And suddenly I felt her tongue all in my mouth” – he told “Wysokie Obcasy”, but did not want to reveal the name of the star who molested him.

David Ogrodnik – as a teenager – was also harassed by a priest, however, he made it clear that he was not interested in sex. He lived in the priest for a year and witnessed many behaviors unbecoming of the clergy.

He told “The Beauty of Life,” “The priests, under the pretext of vacation, went to sexual orgies in Germany. And the priest who checked whether I wanted it was later transferred to another place.”

Before Dawid Ogrodnik became a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, he tried to enter the theater school in Warsaw. He failed his exams twice, because the professors who tested his suitability for the profession thought he was…unremarkable. After the first unsuccessful attempt, he had to find work in a slaughterhouse to earn a living.

“I was cutting turkey legs” – he admitted on the program Kuba Wojewódzki, talking about his life.

After failing another test at the Theater Academy in Warsaw, David sold everything he had to get money to move to Krakow and pay tuition at a private acting school. A year later, he finally managed to get an index and became a student.

It’s been exactly ten years since he graduated. Today, he has already won two Eagles awards, four acting awards at the Gdynia Film Festival and the title of one of the ten rising stars of European cinema. She also boasts roles that critics consider memorable…

David Ogrodnik does not hide that he went through hell and suffered so much humiliation to find himself where he is now.

“The art of practicing as an actor consists in constantly starting from scratch” – quotes his words “Twój Styl”.

Attacking, harassment, violence…David Ogrodnik suffered a lot of humiliation on his way to fulfilling his dreams. Today he is a star, but says he had “two hard drives,” was mentally disturbed and had to use therapists.

“No one promised that life would be all roses. I don’t think about what happened to me every day. The common feature of all these bad experiences I’ve had is definitely the will to survive and the willingness to prove to the whole world that I deserve something “- he said in an interview with” Politics “.

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