Data on an unusual event has been declassified: in 2014, an object from outside the solar system burned up in the Earth's atmosphere!

The US Space Command admitted that an extrasolar object appeared in the sky over Papua New Guinea in 2014. It is a meteorite half a meter in diameter from an unknown star system in the Milky Way.

Until recently, we thought so The first object outside the solar system – i.e. from outside Solar System – Famous “Oumuamua. It is small cometwhich was discovered in 2017.

Oumuamua’s fame is due to two advantages. her first tremendous speed, greater than would be caused by the effect of gravitational forces. Observations showed that the comet was moving at a speed of 93,000 km. km / h and is accelerating all the time. The acceleration is due to the gases and constant dust falling from it.

The second peculiar feature of a being is his unusual shape. It looks like an elongated, flat cigar. Is it a coincidence? a. Abraham Loeb, Harvard University astrophysicist, He has publicly speculated that ‘Oumuamua may be a spaceship wreck built by Extraterrestrial civilizations. Even the SETI Institute was interested in the comet. However, the observations showed nothing to suggest that it could be artificial.

‘Oumuamua is a name that derives from the language Hawaii. It can be translated as “first messenger”. This confirms that it is The first body outside the solar system discovered by man.

But as it turns out, this is not entirely true. It was already running Land A meteorite came from outside our solar system.

The find relates directly to ‘Oumuamua. After the comet’s voice rose, Professor. Loeb orders his student Amir Siraj to dig Database NASAAnd record meteorites and meteorites that appeared on the ground and above the ground. After perusing a thousand CNEOS recordings, Amir Siraj suddenly stumbled upon something unusual.

It was a record of the father. meteorseen over Manus Island on January 8, 2014. Siraj noted that he has Extremely high speed. It was estimated at 209 thousand. how many hours

– It was really a lot! I thought: oh my god It must be out in the sun! Siraj recalls on

She points out that the discovery was actually waiting to be seen. Before Oumuamua, it had not occurred to anyone that the meteorite and meteorite record could also include those outside the solar system.

In 2019, Siraj Loeb wrote Scientific work on the object from above Papua New Guinea. They submit it to the scientific journal “The Astrophysical Journal Letters” and publish it on the server, where they receive first copies of scientific articles.

However, it suddenly turned out that their article was stuck in the peer review process. why? Because the key The data – about the speed of the detected object – was compiled by the US government. More specifically, by the US Space Command (USSC). He was afraid that their publication would reveal techniques that would allow Americans to record the glows appearing in the sky.

I started Several years of bureaucratic struggle to declassify data. As Siraj says, “It was a complete epic.” in the end though The USSC officially admitted that in 2014, a half-meter-long meteorite of extrasolar origin burned above Earth.

This leads to a surprising result. Unlike Omamui, which has overtaken Earth by 30 million km, 2014 meteorite debris fell into the ocean. This means you can find them! However, it will be a very difficult task.

However, according to Amir Siraj, it is worth a try. “The prospect of finding an exoplanet is exciting enough to do so,” said the astrophysicist. – I have already discussed this with experts on oceanographic expeditions – Confirms. If he could raise money and organize a scientific expedition, he would be a good candidate for the Century Science mission.

sources: Vice.comAnd Science alertAnd

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