Daredevil – has a solo movie been confirmed?  David Hayter posts a correction

Screenwriter for some time David Hayterknown from the movies guards. guardians I X-Men 2, hosted at MCM London Comic Con. As reported by Small Screen, in an interview with them, Hayter confirmed that Marvel Studios is working on the reboot Daredevill. He also added that he would like to take this character himself and there are elements of it from Frank Miller comics that he would like to adapt.

So everyone took this statement as confirmation to work on Daredevil in the MCU. When the news went viral, David Hayter himself responded on Twitter, denying his words. Nothing has been confirmed and there is no information about the work of Marvel Studios. The whole situation became a huge misunderstanding.

I read by mistake in the media about the making of this movie. I’d like to watch it myself and yes, I’d like to write it. However, I have no inside information about it.

Remember, the rumors about Daredevil in the MCU have been circulating for months. According to them Charlie Cox Will return to the role in Spider-Man: No way homeBut it will be a different version of this character. The open debate on this topic has been going on for months and no one sees it as spoiling.

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