Danish restaurant "Geranium" was crowned the best establishment in the world

“Geranium”, a Danish establishment led by Chef Rasmus Kofod in Copenhagen, was crowned “World’s Best Restaurant 2022” on Monday evening in London, during the 20th anniversary of the influential “50 Best Restaurants” ranking, which is back this year. Avoided French chefs.

The Peruvian restaurant “Central” in Lima is ranked second in the ranking of the 50 best restaurants in the world established by the British magazine specializing in the most loved restaurants in the world.

Two Spanish tables follow, the Barcelona “Disfrutar” (3rd) and the Madrilenian “Diverxo” (4th).

This is the second year in a row that the Danish restaurant “Geranium” has been crowned, following “Noma” in second place on the “50 Best” list last year.

Inspired by nature, its chef Rasmus Kofoed won the Bocus d’or in 2011, and his establishment received the country’s first three Michelin stars in 2016.

Colombia’s Leonor Espinosa also won the “World’s Best Female Chef” award after Peruvian Pia Leon. His restaurant Leo in Bogotá is number 48.

Just like last year, three French restaurants, all Parisian, were honored in the top 50: “Septime”, up two places to 22nd, who moved up two places to 22nd, Christophe Pele (28th) is a newcomer. ), and Alain Bassard’s “Arbage”, slipped to No. 31 (-8 spots).

“Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen” by Yannick Alléno, which ranked 41st in 2021, fell to 58th. The second part of the Top 100, published on Upstream in early July, honored a total of five tricolor tables, including Alexandre Massia’s Marseille AM, giving him the “Chef to Follow” prize.

The “50 Best” has been compiled since 2002 by 1,080 “independent experts” (chefs, specialized journalists, restaurant owners, etc.) who rate their experiences over the past 18 months under the British press group’s “Restaurant” magazine. William Reid.

Distributed in 27 regions of the world, each has 40 voters, who can vote for 10 restaurants, including at least three outside their region.

The ceremony, originally planned for Moscow, was moved to London after Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

In line with what organizers announced in March, no Russian schedule is on the list.

The legitimacy of this classification, sponsored by many brands, has been accused of complacency and opacity, especially by French chefs. In response, its opponents, French, but also Japanese and Americans, launched in 2015 “La liste”, a ranking of 1000 tables around the world.

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