Dancer Enola Bedard in Shania Twain’s new music video

Quebec’s dancer Enola Bédard is back on the international stage.

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“Get up!” Not only does the artist appear in the new music video for By Shania Twain, but she danced the moves. It is a young woman’s dream come true.

“I never thought I’d live this day, I’m so used to dancing for myself, so when she and her team saw my videos and wanted me to dance for her, that’s something I’m very proud of,” said Énola Bédard.

At 22, the dancer, who was discovered in the second season of Quebecers Revolution, already has a busy life. He has nearly 16 million followers on TikTok.

“It turned out to be a lot bigger for me than I imagined.”

She was chosen by Ubisoft to dance in the 2022 version of the Just Dance video game.

Now established in Los Angeles, the young woman returned to spend a few days in Quebec during the holidays. She admits that she still has trouble believing everything that is happening to her.

“I don’t realize it yet, but I’m really grateful for everything I’ve been able to accomplish.”

Remember Shania Twain will be in Quebec in 2023 with her brand new show “Queen of Me”. It will make stops at the Videotron Center on June 17 and October 24, and at the Bell Center on June 18 and October 25.

– with information Pascal Robitaille

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