June 7, 2023


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Dan Bigras sadly announces the end of a project

Dan Bigras sadly announces the end of a project

Just on Thursday, Dan Bigras announced some unfortunate news on his Facebook page.

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by, Don Pigras announced next Shelter programIt will be held on October 13 at La Tohu and will be telecast Radio Canada Next December, his last. At the same time, he has also announced that he will no longer be the spokesperson for the event.

Indeed, despite him, the versatile artist has a lot to say about the outcome of this prestigious project.

” Hello everyone. In general it is a great pleasure to announce the show to Asylum. Today is hard. Very hard. My heart is in pieces, but after thirty-two years of hard work, but after a lot of musical enjoyment, I find myself tired and out of ideas. Years of doubt Postponing my decision….it’s been made now.As our national Robert says, the younger, the madder…it’s time to give way to others.

After the release of the 2022 program, I will no longer be at the helm of the program and will no longer be the spokesperson for Refuge des jeunes”, he began in a long and painful release.

last Shelter program Don Pigras will welcome on its main stage, Jeannette Reno, Kyline Tanguay, Yama, Samian, Marie-Nicole Lemieux, Isabel Boulay, Lulu Hughes as well as Loose Dufault.

Mr. We would like to thank Bigras for all his support and his generosity.

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