July 1, 2022


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Daily life, party and front line coverage.  Ukrainians Edit Film Recordings from the Phone of a Russian POW - Wprost

Daily life, party and front line coverage. Ukrainians Edit Film Recordings from the Phone of a Russian POW – Wprost

A phone was handed over to Ukrainian journalists Yuri Shalev, young platoon leader From unit 71718 stationed in Shala in Chechnya and graduated from the elite Military Command School in Moscow of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The military man was captured by the Ukrainian in early April 2022 in eastern Ukraine.

Recordings from the phone of a Russian prisoner of war

from The short recordings that journalists found on the phone, they edited a 24-minute documentary. It is divided into two parts: the first presents life before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the second is the chronicle of the war. In the first part, you can watch daily scenes in the Russian provinces, as well as family celebrations, parties and the reality of the military unit.

The videos taken in the foreground show the battles of the Russian army in the Donetsk region – you can see the displacements, abandoned villages in eastern Ukraine through which the Shalev unit passed, and even battle shots with his participation. The soldier documented what happened at the front very accurately, which sometimes angered his comrades. At one point in the recording, you can hear one of the soldiers riding with him in an armored personnel carrier ask, “The hell you’re shooting this.”

The Ukrainian service interrupted the soldiers’ conversations

Officially, Russian soldiers were not allowed to make phone calls to the combat zone in Ukraine, but they did not comply with the ban. Previously Ukrainian services intercepted a number of conversationsin which The Russians, among other things, bragged about the spoils of war to their partnersThey confessed to the crimes committed and complained about conditions at the front.

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