Czestochowa earthquake.  Marek Babszon leaves Raku

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Tomasz Galinsky

After seven years of work, Marek Babszon decided to leave Raków Częstochowa. He was offered a new contract, but he refused.

There are clubs in Poland (as well as in the world) where the coach is not the most important, but this statement certainly does not apply to Raków Częstochowa. The crucial manager there is Marek Babszon, who has been the coach of this team since April 18, 2016. He turned seven years old on Tuesday.

During this time, Raku played 281 matches, winning 163, drawing 62 and losing 56.

Currently, Raków is the captain of the Ekstraklasa and confidently heading to the first Polish Championship in the club’s history. Previously, the prizes went to the runners-up (2020/21, 2021/22), the Polish Cup (21/2020, 2021/22) and the Polish Super Cup (2021, 2022).

Racco called a special press conference on Wednesday. Everyone expected an extension of the contract, but it turned out quite differently. After the season ends, Coach Babzon Raku will leave.

We offered the coach to extend his contract for another season. Our cooperation – with the coach’s decision – will not continue from next season. I am so sorry for that. I used all the arguments, but unfortunately it didn’t seem to be enough. This is a very difficult moment for me – said the owner of the club, Michał Świerczewski, at a press conference.

– I don’t have specific plans. The reason for the decision is many aspects, Babson said, but I don’t have any new job on the horizon. – It didn’t happen overnight. He added that we were looking for the appropriate time to share this information.

– Just before the conference, I gave information to the players. It’s hard for me to say how they reacted because I left right away. I could see from their faces that they were surprised by this fact, Papszun said.

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