Czech Scania 143H 500 Torpedo with high roof Estepe – Ciney part 3

It’s time for the second part of the report from Truckshow Ciney 2024, a gathering that is small in size but distinguished by the exceptionally high standard of the vehicles presented. The format of this Belgian event assumes a careful selection of trucks, there is even a red carpet building for the most beautiful examples, and what is more, it is a very international event, attracting guests from both Turkey and Spain.

In the previous two parts of the report, you can see my favorites in terms of interior tuning and exterior style. These were, respectively, the Scania R650 with references to the first generation Volkswagen Golf GTI, and the Mercedes-Benz SK 1850, which combine tuning and historical character. Today we will take a look at the truck that was distinguished not only by its tuning, but also by its unique configuration. It will be a Scania 143H 500 from the Czech company HP Transped, with a torpedo cabin with a high roof.

This Czech project is interestingly linked to the history of the Scania brand. This manufacturer stuck with forward-mounted cabs for an exceptionally long time, offering them as an option until 2008, and simply didn’t sell anything else until the early 1960s. There have even been cases where independent private companies rebuilt Scania with a short body design, unlike modern times (article on that topic here). However, when the Swedes finally became convinced of engine-mounted cabs, they began to resist the idea of ​​a high roof over the next three decades. First, until the end of the 80s, they did not offer such a solution at all, and then, until the mid-90s, they installed an increase that was very minimal, and even several times smaller than their competitors. Private craftsmen once again had to step in and produce the raised roofs themselves and then sell them to Scania dealers.

Such a non-original extension of the roof, produced by the Dutch company Estepe in the first half of the 1990s, appeared on the presented tractor. Since this was combined with the classic cab with the engine located in front of the cabin, popularly called the Torpedo, a vehicle with an impressive silhouette and a surprisingly spacious character was created. Full-sized storage compartments appeared above the windshield, just as in the place originally intended for a second bed, and the complete absence of an engine allowed you to move freely throughout the interior. The transport company from Brno also complemented it with beautiful, quilted upholstery and a three-spoke bakelite steering wheel. The latter, combined with the extra-long gearstick and angular bonnet view, should provide a truly historic driving experience.

The exterior of the car is distinguished by contrasting white, blue and green paint. This included not only the entire body of the car, but also the famous 14-litre V8 engine, which develops 500 hp and is the most powerful unit available in the Scania 3 Series. The ability to easily show this engine by simply opening the bonnet is therefore a particularly useful addition here. , which was often used in assembly. In addition, the truck received a number of distinctive exterior additions, such as bars that mark the corners of the tractor for easier maneuvering, and the Dutch Strawberry Man mascot, which originates from the famous comic strip “Flipje” and has been commonly installed on trucks for about four decades. since.

Interior and engine view:

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