June 2, 2023


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Curved screen and unusual notch. iPhone 15 will finally be different!

However, the most important thing is that in a The most powerful super incarnationAnd iPhone 15 It will be great pleasing to the eye. According to an insider, the construction techniques used are very similar to the design of the Apple Watch. Adjectives like these come to mind Slim and elegant.

The latest information indicates that There is no revolution in terms of the size of the individual screens. These should be identical to last year’s versions and compatible with the individual models. moSo, it has a diagonal of 6.1 inches for the regular and Pro versions, and 6.7 inches for the iPhone 15 Plus and Pro Max (Ultra?).

Another interesting report on this topic Dynamic Island. known who Iphone 14 pro The island will come to all versions of the “fifteen”, including the basic version. Once again, technological gradient proves itself. If any of this year’s Pro or Ultra features sound particularly appealing to you, you can wait – Next year it will arrive in the regular model.

Such a delay in buying a new device It may be justified. Nothing is known about the exact prices of this year’s models, but rumors suggest that they will be very expensive. This mainly applies to the upper i The most advanced version of the device, which is decorated with the nickname Ultra. However, it cannot be ruled out that Pro models will also take buyers little more.

And only these models bring something new to the show, and not just recycle the solutions known by them previous models. Despite this, many consumers would like to keep it Manifestation of dignity Will choose version anyway primary.

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It seems that it is this iPhone model that will largely determine the potential success of the series. Big tech companies and their proposals are under brutal scrutiny – The latest solutions, sometimes priced at pathological amounts, are not very popular. High-end models look great on labels, however After all, the lowest-priced models are the fastest to leave the shelves.

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