CSGO on a hacked keyboard in a document from Sweden
December 2, 2022, 19:23

There are many ways to cheat. For example, smuggling “useful” keyboard scripts into a CSGO tournament.

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Cheating is, unfortunately, an integral part of gaming (not just video games). If someone is dissatisfied with reports about “creative” teams in competitions CSGOreminiscent of this clip from the Swedish production Enefran SportsWhich aroused great interest among netizens.

This documentary series dedicated to esports is Available for several days. Unfortunately, it can only be viewed in Sweden. However, he did post an interesting article Sam_FS Share on Reddit A video showing a hacked keyboard in action in a cycle scene.

Of course, it is not about cheating during the actual competition. In one episode, comparing a free cheat tool to a paid tool used by Esports website.

at some point Two digital security specialists were asked to create an “improved” keyboard that could be used in games over a local network. Instead of “cheating”, they loaded an app that displayed a flashing red square in the corner of the screen when playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The test took place right after the Elitserien Spring 2022 competition, after the final match between the Eyeballers and the Young Ninjas, on the players’ computers. You can see the effect in the video posted at reddit.

In the same way, scammers can upload “helpful” scripts that increase their chances of winning during actual tournament play. Unfortunately, there will always be those who want to get “victory” at any cost.

One might ask: shouldn’t gamers check their devices for such surprises? Maybe, but the series also includes an interview with the director of the PGL Stockholm 2021 tournament (via reddit). According to him Many organizers don’t check players’ equipment, because oftentimes they don’t even know what exactly they should be looking for.

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